The uses of garlic are as old as civilisation itself, but it is not necessarily used in the preparation of food but also for therapeutic uses.

Garlic is known to dilate blood vessels and reduce high blood pressure, it could also be important in the prevention of heart disease, but research has still to be fully analyzed.

The culinary uses of garlic is endless!

**Our Ground Garlic does not need refrigeration

Tip: When sauteying garlic, be careful, not to burn. When garlic is over cooked it will become milder and taste bitter.


Ground Garlic 100gr

Case Size : 12 x 100gr

Dimensions : 285 x 228 x 128


Chopped Garlic 125gr

Case Size : 36 x 125gr

Dimensions : 293 x 233 x 216


Chopped Garlic 250gr

Case Size : 24 x 250gr

Dimensions : 293 x 233 x 216


Ground Garlic 300gr

Case Size : 24 x 300gr

Dimensions : 287 x 226 x 240

Also available in chopped garlic!


Chopped Garlic 500gr

Case Size : 24 x 500gr

Dimensions : 453 x 318 x 160


Ground Garlic 1kg

Case Size : 12 x 1kg

Dimensions : 453 x 318 x 160

Also available in 1 kg chopped garlic

Single chopped and ground 5kg garlic available.

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